Goals Summer 2017

I’m in the midst of two huge life changes.  I just graduated, and I’m still job hunting.  I thought I would be able to hold out for a permanent, full-time position, but I’m getting to the point where I just need an income, so those plans have changed some.  I’m also in the beginning stages of planning a wedding.  My life is weird right now.  I’m back and forth between the place I now share with my fiance and my childhood home, and it feels a little like I’m just drifting along.  A job would ground me some, but obviously I’m not there yet.

As far as goals go, my floaty situation makes it a little more complicated than normal.  Typically, I like to make concrete goals based on what I’m doing.  But right now, I’m not doing anything concrete.  So my goals for this season, from now until my wedding at the end of September, have had to be more introspective.  It’s only been a month since I’ve graduated, but it has been very frustrating not having an income or a set plan of my own.  I tend toward pessimism anyway, but this situation has definitely made that worse, and that’s not good for me or anyone around me.  So these goals are my attempt to change that.

  1. Be more selfless — nothing I do in my life affects me and only me.  This is kind of a broad goal, which is not how you’re supposed to make goals, but this is something I need to work on.  One specific thing I need to do is plan my wedding for my fiance.  I get hung up on the fact that we’re having a traditional wedding at a moment in our lives when we ourselves can’t afford it, which really bothers me.  Sometimes it bothers me so much I feel like scrapping everything and going to the courthouse.  But both our parents have told me multiple times that they want to give us a beautiful wedding.  Weddings are family affairs, and I also know that my fiance wants a traditional wedding.  So when I get overwhelmed and exasperated, I have to remember that I’m not doing anything for just me.
  2. Communication Goals:
    1. Talk to myself!  This sounds crazy, but this is actually a proven method of motivation and emotion management.  Speaking to yourself out loud offers the most benefits, but even talking to yourself in your head can have a good effect.  I usually feel too silly to talk to myself out loud, but sometimes, when I notice how negatively I’m thinking, I try to turn that around and tell myself the good side of what’s happening, or why what I’m thinking is wrong.  And it does help.  (Try it before you call me crazy.)
    2. Make it a point to speak to people I don’t see on a regular basis.  I’m bad about not texting or calling people when I haven’t seen them in awhile.  I haven’t had to deal with this, really, because I’ve never spent more than a few months away from my close friends.  But now we’ve all graduated, and we’re all over the place.  I need to initiate contact once or twice a month at least if I want to keep up the friendship.  And I’m much better about keeping up with my parents, but I need to make it more of a point to say hello to my siblings once in awhile, too.
    3. Always, always tell my fiance if something is bothering me.  Sometimes I find myself repressing emotions, and it just makes me bitter and angrier at things that go wrong.  He has never once failed me or ignored my perspective when I’ve told him something that had been bothering me, and I need to remember that and give him the chance to help.  And on the flip side of this, I need to make sure I’m not ignoring his needs, either.
  3. Be assertive.  During the past couple months, I’ve made decisions that I thought through carefully.  But then I would find out that one or more people didn’t like that decision, or didn’t think it was best for me, and I would end up changing my mind or waffling back and forth.  It caused a lot of stress, and I’m tired of that.  In decisions that I make from now on, I will of course consult the people that decision may directly involve, and will think through all my options.  But once the decision is made, I’m not changing because of differences in opinion.  Even though not having a job makes me feel like a child, I’m not.  I’m an adult, and adults make decisions that others don’t like.

I’m giving myself a little wiggle room to change/modify/add to these goals as the weeks go by.  But I think these are good starting points.


Summer Goals: Final Update

It’s the first day of the fall semester, which does not mean summer is over, because that doesn’t end till the end of September and I refuse to give up one day of summer.  But it does mean my summer break is over, and that means it’s time for the third and final update of my summer goals.

1.  Be positive!!  You know, I made it.  It had its ups and downs, but so does every season in life.  I wasn’t ridiculously positive, but I wasn’t ridiculously negative, either.  I am definitely trying going to continue this one into the fall, too.  I can be very judgmental and negative going to class and walking around campus, but I am reminding myself to only worry about the things that absolutely matter.  Is that girl asking too many questions in class?  She’s trying to learn.  Is that guy laughing too loud?  Maybe he’s nervous.  If they’re not hurting you or messing up your life, you don’t need to worry about it.  Plus, how negative can you be when this was the view for your last week of break?

This is summertime

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2.  Plan meals for the week and cook at least 4 times a week.  This goal died because I ended up going back home for the remainder of the summer.  But my mom and I did put together 10 freezer crock pot meals apiece last weekend, so I’m considering that a win.

3.  Research job options.  I did this quite a bit while I was at school this summer.  I do think I have some concrete ideas now.  I still need to go look into specifics and narrow down my options, but I definitely gave myself a good start.

4.  Do sewing projects.  I sewed nothing.  I didn’t bring my sewing machine with me when I went home, so alas, this was not to be.

5.  Read Spanish.  This was touch and go.  I got about 1/3 of the way into Caminando el Amazonas, but then dropped it.  I think movies may be the way to go here.

6.  Go hiking.  I ended strong on this one, going on a light hike last weekend with the boyfriend and my family.  And he and I even hiked a little at the beach, even though we were melting after a mile on a paved trail.

7.  Go home.  Well, I went home for two months.  Check.

8.  Look into selling erasable calendars.  Never did go price anything.  Will keep in back of mind as side project.

9.  Make a savings plan and budget.  I realized I can’t really make a savings plan until I have a steady income, so that will have to wait.  But I did a rough budget for this next semester, so this was kind of accomplished.

10.  Blog a little.  Check!  I’m hoping to be able to keep up more of a schedule this year, but with 18 credit hours, we’ll see how that goes.

11.  Exercise at least 4 times a week/every other day.  Started off good, then trailed off.  Luckily walking around campus all day is good exercise. 

Overall, I think I did fairly well on about half.  I really like having a set of goals for one season; it makes them doable and not so daunting.  Plus, doing updates every so often kind of helped me keep on track.  Whether or not I make a list of goals for this fall, this was a really good way to keep myself on track this summer.

Summer Goals Update

So, how am I doing on my summer goals?

1.  Be positive!!  Honestly, not too bad, but not great.  My job really tends to bring me down.  I try to go in with an okay attitude and then I get there and end up in a horrible mood.  Which is not good for my customer service skills or my well-being.  However, I’ve had some interesting opportunities for the fall (which I’ll talk about below!) and I got to see the boyfriend for the Fourth, so those are all happy things.  Plus, I may get to go home for the rest of the summer.

2.  Plan meals for the week and cook at least four times a week.  Planning I’m doing great on!  Every time I go buy groceries I make a point to have a list of possible dinners and make sure to get the things to make those.  Cooking those I’m not doing great on, but it’s a start at least.  It helps to make a physical list of dinner options so I can look at it during the week and try to plan time to prepare food.  My main thing is actually remembering that I have options.

3.  Research job options.

Last week I stumbled upon a local realty website whose contact form specifically requested info from people who are interested in real estate, so of course I emailed them!  I got to go to the office and talk to the broker, who told me a bit about the licensing process, the regulations for real estate agents, and a bit about the daily process real estate agents go through.  Then I got a tour of the office and got to meet some of the agents and realtors, and met one woman, Brandi, who needs help with data entry.  She showed me an example of a listing and told me the basics of what you would input into the system.  There’s the possibility that they may call me to help with that, which would be awesome.  But if not, I still learned a lot more about realty than I knew before, and it was super helpful to be able to see an actual office.  I learned that it’s higher stress than I imagined, but the flexibility and work still sounds appealing to me.  Just from those few minutes, I think realty is still something I should look into.

Also, for the fall semester, I am officially a part of my university’s sports video production team (got the official email a few days ago).  I know almost nothing about sports or video production, so it will definitely be a learning experience!  Besides the fact that the work should be really fun and interesting, I’m excited for several other reasons: 1) my boyfriend also applied and will more than likely get hired, so I should get to work with him; 2) I will get to choose my own hours for this job every month, because they know students have weird schedules; and 3) I’ll get paid more than minimum wage.  Yay!

4.  Do sewing projects.  I have time, but not the supplies.  I should probably take this off the list.

5.  Read Spanish.  Honestly, I kind of forgot about this one.  However, one of my classes is about to end, which will free up a bit of time.  I should make it a point to get one Spanish book next time I am at the library.

6.  Go hiking.  Too hot.

7.  Go home.  I’ve gotten to go home so much in the past few weeks, which has been wonderful.  And like I mentioned before, I may get to go home for the rest of the summer.  I’m hoping that will work out, partly because my sister gets back from Mongolia in July, and I’d actually get to see her before the fall semester begins.  She’ll be starting her freshman year at my same university, but this next semester is gonna be so crazy we’ll have to actually work to see each other.

8.  Look into selling erasable calendars.  Maybe I’ll actually price stuff if I get to go home.  Must remember that pricing stuff is an option when I get bored at my apartment.

9.  Make a savings plan and budget.  Hahahahahahahahahaha.

10.  Blog a little.  Ta-da!  I’m about to finish another review book, so a new review will be going up soon in addition to this.

11.  Exercise at least 4 times a week/every other day.  Not great, but not awful.  I ran/walked about 2 miles with my dad last time I went home, and did the modified Pinterest routine at home again the other day.  I also seem to remember using my Sworkit app for a small 10-minute yoga routine last time I went home too.  But I think I forgot to put that in my workout log.

Overall, I’m doing pretty good on 6/11 of my goals, which is a little over half.  Not too shabby if I do say so myself.


Summer Goals

At the beginning of the summer, before classes started, I made a list of goals for myself.  It consists of things I’d like to get back in the habit of, and also things I can do to reverse bad habits I know I have.  I know my blogging habits tend to drop off during the school year because I get busy, but for this summer I’m going to try to do regular updates of these goals to keep myself on track.

So to begin, here are my summer goals, straight from my journal:

  1. Be positive!!  So far, this is touch and go.  I’ve good days and bad days.  This is definitely something I need to work on all the time, but I’m trying to remember to have a good attitude (especially about work).
  2. Plan meals for the week and cook at least 4 times a week.  Pretty good on this so far.  Plans change a bit when I accidentally make enough chicken and quinoa for 15 people as opposed to one, but at least planning keeps me cooking!
  3. Research job options.  I have definitely been doing this!  I’ve explored real estate certification quite a bit.  Need to keep that up and look into jobs with study abroad programs as well.
  4. Do sewing projects.  None of this yet.  I’m supposed to be doing a 4H quilt for my sister and a tulle skirt for a friend, but I don’t have all the supplies I need for either.  May need to take this off the list and save for next summer?
  5. Read Spanish.  Borrowed several Spanish books from the library a few weeks ago, but didn’t finish any of them.  Need to find an interesting one and be diligent about reading.  Also could look for Spanish TV shows.
  6. Go hiking.  Haven’t done this yet.  As a small female, I’m a bit wary of hiking alone.  Need to find someone to invite.  I have been for a drive out to the more rural parts of the county, though.
  7. Go home.  Plan to in the next few days!  So excited!
  8. Look into selling erasable calendars.  Random idea I had for an Etsy shop since I made myself one for freshman year, and most of the ones on Etsy are a bit pricey.  Need to do some research on frame and paper prices so I can decide if this is something I might want to do next year (as a side project after I graduate — definitely can’t spend that kind of money now).
  9. Make savings plan and budget.  Haven’t looked at this at all yet.
  10. Blog a little.  You’re looking at that accomplishment!
  11. Exercise at least 4 times a week / every other day.  I’ve got a good start on this!  Two days ago I ran a mile and this morning I modified an exercise ball routine to do in my living room since the school fitness center was closed.

Overall, I’m not doing too bad so far!  We’ll see how the rest of the summer goes.

Also, here’s the workout I did this morning: