Change Comes With Compromise

News first: the boyfriend is not the boyfriend anymore; he's the fiance, because we are engaged. We've been together almost 3.5 years, and have been talking about this for a good bit of that time.  It's so surreal that it's finally happened, but I'm so ready.  We're both ready. His proposal, though, came in the …

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Forpy: Grad and Grindstone

Well, folks, I've done it. I finally graduated high school! Woohoo! insert victory dance here In doing so, I also neglected to do my Forpy post at all last week, instead of just posting late as usual. I've also been working quite a lot lately as well. I would do a rundown of high and …

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Breakneck Speed plus My Worst Testing Experience Ever

This past weekend was a crazy, crazy four days.  My life is either dead as a door nail or running at breakneck speed.  There is no happy medium.Breakneck speed can be stressful at times, but I enjoy those parts.  My weekend started Thursday, when I took my AP Econ test and attended a friend's graduation …

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