Modern Day Corsets

My mom and I ordered my wedding gown back in May.  It came in in August, just a few weeks ago.  Rather than spend almost the cost of the dress on tailoring, we decided to take it to a family friend who does alterations for a living. The dress came in, I traveled to Knoxville, …

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My Favorite Beauty Bloggers

I have never gotten more views on a post than I have on this one.  Since I wrote it about a month ago, it's been the most read post on my blog ever.  It seems that a lot of people want to read about makeup. I get why that is.  Makeup is fun, and dynamic, …

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My Rambling 3 Cents About Body Positivity

So, here's the deal.  I consider myself a feminist in that I believe women should be treated equally to men, and I strongly believe in body positivity for all people, male and female, and all body types.  I think I've mentioned on this blog before that I, like every other woman, have issues with my …

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