Introducing NerdyWordyBirdy

No, not me.  You already know me.  And since you already know me, you probably already know that in trying to keep up my Spanish skills, I decided it would be a good idea to start a blog in Spanish.  So I did. Si habla español y quiere leer mi blog nuevo, haz clic aquí. …

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Spanish: More Than a Language

Since I first mentioned my Spanish capstone project on this blog, it's changed a bit.  Not drastically -- my overall focus is still immigration, and I'm still reading a lot of books.  But even though I'm still fine-tuning my thesis statement, I've already learned something valuable. For background: I'm white.  I grew up in a …

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Why Jane the Virgin is One of the Best Shows Ever

Today is October 17, and it's a great day because season 3 of Jane the Virgin has begun.  I started watching this show in the spring, and honestly have never devoured a show faster.  In honor of this momentous occasion, here is why Jane the Virgin is one of the best shows ever made. Nuanced, …

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