A Non-Tech Person’s Case for Android

I’ve owned a total of 2 smartphones in my life. One was my iPhone 5, which my parents gave me for my high school graduation. The other is the Google Pixel I’m currently using to type this blog post, which I received only a little over 24 hours ago — again, from my parents for graduation.

Lord knows I could not have afforded to replace my iPhone, so I’m doubly thankful that my parents did. After having my iPhone for 4 years, it had gotten persnickety. It was on an exponential decline. It glitched all the time. Apps took forever to open, if they opened at all. Neither camera focused anymore. The screen was coming off. And on the last few phone calls I got, it thought headphones were plugged in when they weren’t, so I couldn’t hear a thing.

But that’s to be expected from an old phone. My real bone to pick with Apple is more than that. The longer I had the phone, the more I learned I was an Android person. (Having an Android guy as a boyfriend helped, too.) I found I didn’t like Apple’s exclusivity with charger types. I was annoyed with the storage options. And as I used other people’s Androids, I felt my phone was so cluttered with all the apps on the screen.

So my boyfriend helped me shop around, and I ended up with the Pixel, which so far I love. Even though I’ve only had it a day or two, here’s why I already much prefer it over iOS.

  • Customization. This is the age old argument for Android, but it’s true. With an iPhone, you don’t have a lot of control over where apps go. If you want some hidden, you have to put them on another screen. On Android, I can have only my most used, quick access apps on my front page.  I have a weather widget displaying the temperature. I could add my WordPress stats if I wanted. And apps I don’t use as often I don’t have to put anywhere, and Android will hide them for me. But when I do need them, all I have to do is swipe up.
  • Voice commands. This may not be true for all Android devices, but the voice controlled assistant for the Pixel is incredible. She understands everything I’m saying, and gives me relevant solutions. Siri did not do that for me at all.
  • Charging accessories. Apple has always annoyed me. Why is it so special that iPhones must have their own charger type? Android devices use either micro USB or USB type C, which are both universal cables – ie, you can also use it for your tablet, or your camera, or your mom’s dumb phone. (The type C cord is just starting to become the standard, so it does only work with newer devices. But regardless, it will be becoming the industry standard for tech – something the lightning charger can never boast.)

That about hits my limit on tech knowledge, so I’ll let actual tech nerds take it over from here. But the truth stands: I’m a converted Android person now, and I couldn’t be happier.


Why Jane the Virgin is One of the Best Shows Ever

Today is October 17, and it’s a great day because season 3 of Jane the Virgin has begun.  I started watching this show in the spring, and honestly have never devoured a show faster.  In honor of this momentous occasion, here is why Jane the Virgin is one of the best shows ever made.

  1. Nuanced, relatable characters.  All, and I mean all, of the characters on this show are incredibly realistic.  They all make good choices and bad choices.  Not one of them is a stereotype.  All of them have traits that you would see in a real, actual person.  All of them have contradictions and baggage and unique personalities.  Bad characters turn me off to a show faster than anything else, but Jane the Virgin nails amazing characters.
  2. No filler episodes.  In case you weren’t aware, Jane the Virgin is modeled off the typical Spanish telenovela, or soap opera.  It employs insane, soap-opera-typical plot twists to give the telenovela impression, but also maintains realistic plot points as well — crime rings mingle with first-time parenting, for example.  Because of the dramedy, million-different-plotline nature of the show, there are no “filler” episodes like you would find in a normal drama.  Every single episode moves some aspect of the story right along. 
  3. Spanish!  Because most of the characters are Latino, there’s a good amount of Spanish in the episodes (with subtitles, of course), which I love.  Also, most of the actors are Latino, which they should be, and it’s awesome!  If you haven’t heard of Gina Rodriguez, who plays Jane, go follow her on social media because she is an incredibly cool person and an excellent role model.
  4. Creative filming/storytelling.  Jane is a daydreamer, and if that’s not fun to work with as a director, I don’t know what is.  Every few episodes features a daydreaming scene with fun costumes and scenarios.  On top of this, the show is set in 2016, so social media features widely and texts and tweets show on screen as the characters type or read them.  Finally, the narrator interacts as a viewer of the show and it is hilariously entertaining.

If that’s not enough to hook you, you are a lost cause you should just go watch the first episode because then you will be.  The show sucks you in like a black hole, and I couldn’t be happier.  Now excuse me while I start watching season 3.

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