I Enjoyed Church for the First Time in Years

You all know that I'm slowly coming back around to Christianity and religious belief, after rejecting it for several years.  This is the latest update on that.  TL;DR: a sermon about the seriousness of sin has actually made me more receptive to Jesus than anything in the past few years.  But there's really a lot more to it than that.



It's been almost exactly two months since I wrote this post.  I haven't done as much reading or praying or investigating as I probably should have while I'm deciding whether or not become a Christian again, but this issue has been in the back of my mind the entire time.  The more I think about …

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Discussion: LifeWay’s Decision to Pull Jen Hatmaker’s Products

On October 25, this interview with Jen Hatmaker was published on religionnews.com.  In it, she talks about her views on Trump (dislikes) and Clinton (open to supporting), the Black Lives Matter movement (supports), and LGBT rights (supports).  Two days later, LifeWay pulled her materials from its stores because of her opinions on LGBT rights. First …

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