Highlight Reel

Here are some random things that have been going on in my life lately:

  • My husband and I ordered 12 bottles of wine off the Internet.  That might not seem like a lot, but for context, we buy maybe 1 bottle every month and a half.  We’re about to be stocked for the whole year.
  • I organized my bathroom counter.  Don’t try to tell me this doesn’t make you feel calm.IMG_20180128_202123.jpg
  • The other day, I got so frustrated with customers at my job that I flat-out refused someone’s request because I didn’t want to be bothered.  They did come in two minutes before closing, to be fair, but it was not my finest moment.
  • My husband and I went hiking that weekend when it felt like spring and it was heaven.  We walked almost 10 miles in one weekend, which is a lot for us couch potatoes.
  • I got news that I will most likely be moving to a new position at my job by March (I hope).
  • The neighborhood cats are hiding less and it makes me happy when I see them on my lunch break.
  • We received the photo book we made from our wedding photos.  IMG_20180129_202912_01.jpg
  • I vented to my mom about health insurance and it was exactly what I needed at the time.  Also I learned that insurance through your employer is automatically your primary insurance.  These are important life lessons.
  • I forgot about my “one word” for the year until my husband read my lock screen out loud to me the other day.  I haven’t been very grateful this month.e2683f2a361f7c7cf9a5b3bf241a6afd.jpg
  • I talked to a friend who I haven’t seen since she stood by me on my wedding day.  I so enjoyed being with her, and she gave me the most thoughtful gift ever: fuzzy socks, a notebook with a quote in Spanish, and the two essential oils she let me use when I was stressing out about wedding things.  I didn’t thank her like I should have, and I didn’t have anything for her in return.
  • I made homemade pico de gallo and ate it all myself in two days.
  • I got really excited when I found out one of my favorite bloggers will soon experience the Smoky Mountains, which are very near to where I grew up.  I hope she finds them as beautiful as I do.
  • I spent way too much on Starbucks, and when we decided to make a real budget, we decided I need to cut way down on that.
  • I ran out of ideas for blog posts, so I did this instead.

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