Those Who Know Me, Please Take Note

To the dismay of my roommate and boyfriend and others who see me every day, there is one YouTube video I cannot seem to get over.  I laugh every time.  Seriously.  Every.  Time.  I know they’re sick of hearing it.  However, because I love cats and videos and annoying bringing joy to others by sharing, I hope you laugh as hard as I do at the clip below.  Cats are so melodramatic.  Also, if you know me, please feel free to get me a cat like this at any time.

DISCLAIMER:  There has been a lot of hype over this video saying it is animal abuse.  I make no judgments either way.  However, there is plenty of video evidence that this cat is indeed happy with his owner, who filmed this video.  Go check out the other things Simon does.

I will admit this post is a bit of a cop out.  I’ve been extremely busy lately with class registration and Easter and getting everything together to go to Costa Rica soon (which is crazy exciting!).  Also, I am participating in WordPress’s Writing 101 course this month, so new content is coming along, and you can look for a couple new book reviews coming in a week or two!


One thought on “Those Who Know Me, Please Take Note

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